Did You Know There Was A Food Show Featuring Two Asian American Hosts?

Did You Know There Was A Food Show Featuring Two Asian American Hosts?


Harry Yuan and Bruce Aguirre

Harry Yuan @harryhyuan and Bruce Aguirre @bruceaguirre co-host the Tastemade-produced food docu-series “Day of Gluttony”. In every episode, their challenge is to visit North American cities and eat 24 meals at 24 different restaurants within 24 hours. Hosted by the two Asian-American foodies, the show’s pilot covered San Francisco but the dynamic duo also visited NYC, New Orleans, Austin, and made it all the way to Vancouver by episode 10. ⁣⁣

Yuan and Aguirre are originally rock-climbing partners and their strong bond is the basis of the show’s success. Their food travels around the world began in 2011 when they visited over 25 countries, tasting food and testing their palates along the way. They documented their travels via blog posts and videos on their website Organic Hobo. Later, they decided to pitch their adventures as a TV show. In 2014, “Day of Gluttony” was released on Tastemade and ran for one 10-episode season. ⁣⁣


Yuan shares that his travels with Aguirre aim “to inspire people who are curious about travelling and eating good food; and people who are sitting on a couch to take that holiday they have always wanted.” The show is available to watch on Tastemade, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

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